At SALVADOR SEGUROS we work as follows:

We also have insurance products and we have personalized advice that is best suited to your needs.

Listen to our clients: Understand and offer them the best products in addition to explaining well all the details of the insured coverage.

Market knowledge: We need to know all the exact characteristics of the risk to be able to carry out a totally independent and personalized management. With this, we can offer the most suitable company for the risk to be insured.

Price: Ask us, without obligation

Customer defense: Faced with problems when solving a claim.

Claims management: Daily monitoring of claims in progress.

Availability: Staff always available to answer any questions that may arise.

Advice on investment products: Pension and Savings Plans.

We believe that our services should provide “added values” and have a key role within the INTEGRAL SERVICE of Grupo Salvador. In addition to our Insurance department, we also have our own legal, financial and consulting department available to our clients.

Advantages of hiring an insurance product with Salvador Seguros. Contact right now:

 Due to our business trajectory, since after more than 45 years of business experience we have exported our business model to the real estate sector.

 For legal security. We have lawyers specialized in the insurance sector within our staff that you can consult at any time and who can answer your questions in legal matters.

 For transparency. You will always be fully informed of the actions that are carried out to resolve your claim.

 For confidentiality. All the work teams of our departments sign confidentiality clauses since we work from bank seizure to tax advice.

 By our management. Management based on professionalism and continuous training.